Causes And Consequences Of WWII 1935-1945

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Causes And Consequences Of WWII 1935-1945

A, Why was Germany so successful in the European War up to the start of Operation Barbarossa?

There are many reasons for Germany's early successful in the European War up to the start of Operation Barbarossa. For one good thing, their army was bigger and another one has the most modern military in the world in 1939. While most of European were still using biplane, and tank with 20 mm canon. The Germany artillery was in used and effective as a tank gun, anti-aircraft weapons and field artillery. The most important thing is his generals used it in a completely new way and Germany does not fight the way that European military leaders used over and over again in the past century.

Another reason for Germany's successful in World War II is that they had the best military leaders in the world, who are better strategies and tactics and most of them who were experienced through World War I.

They also well prepare for the war. German got a lot of money from all over the USA and Europe in order to help them to buy more military weapons.

Germany was more willing than other nations to go into a more war oriented economy. On another hand, other nations and their population and leaders wanted peace more.

Preparation prior to the invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939 such as the unification of Austria and Czechoslovakia which creates a springboard for attacking Poland

On September 1939, Nazi Germany made decision to invade Poland; the act that started World War II. They have to be well prepared with their military as well as their best plan to reach to the destination without any mistakes. German has had to take...