The Causes and Effects of the Different Types of Terrorism.

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Terrorism has been widely known to all of the world for many years. "It exists as a means of making a government or group aware of certain needs that they must change something by creating fear and destruction". But why do people have to resort to violent acts such as: bombing, assassinations, and hi-jacking? How do and how can individuals and organizations justify these acts of terror? During the last few years, many groups of terrorists have formed all over the world and it's becoming an international problem. Unfortunately, governments have had close to no success in their attempts to resolve issues in which terrorism is used.

One of the major problems in discussing terrorism is being able to establish an accepted definition of the word "terrorism" or "terrorist act." For example, terrorism can be defined/described as "the unlawful use or

threatened use of force or violence by an individual or an organized group against property or even people with the intention of intimidating societies or governments, often for achieving certain ideological, economical, and political reasons" (Mifflin, pg.

1). Since it is a difficult word to define, organizations such as the United Nations have had a tough time setting up policies against acts of terrorism.

There are many different types of terrorism: nationalist terrorism, anarchist terrorism, state-sponsored terrorism, right wing terrorism, left wing

terrorism, religious terrorism, narcoterrorism, and cyberterrorism. Nationalist terrorists like to use violence, an example of this Is are the Irish Republican Army and Kurdistan Workers Party. Anarchist terrorism was a global phenomenon from the 1870's to 1920 when a young Hungarian refugee murdered President William Mckinley. State-sponsored terrorism is when a certain state/nation supports terrorism. An example of state-sponsored terrorism is the Abu Nidal Organization. Right wing terrorism are a group of terrorists who attack immigrants and...