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February 2014 History Essay Fafa Ndhluni

A sophisticated civilization is said to be a civilization that has economical stability, moral and intellectual advancements and well-organized laws and system of Government. Through their achievements, the Ming Dynasty shows characteristics that suggest that they were indeed a sophisticated civilization through political, economical, social and technological achievements.

In any civilization it is important to have a stable economy and an orderly government. The Ming built a society in which people could be self-sufficient therefore ensuring that majority of the people in China even the peasants would have food to eat and have their basic needs met. The leader of the Ming increased the army size to ensure that all citizens of China would be protected in the event of an invasion from outside empires.

The biggest factor, which helped to ensure the success of trade in China, was their new and advanced boats that they built and developed.

Success in their trade across Asia and other continents helped to build China's economy and make them stronger as a country. Trade also helped China to develop allies with smaller states or to take over them if they were too weak. All those factors helped to ensure that the Ming Dynasty achieved political end economical stability.

During the Ming Rule, China developed socially through culture and education. The Ming had many achievements to be proud of culturally through art, literature and architecture. The architecture during the Ming era continued to improve in the form of arched bridges, the building of the Great Wall of China and the construction of the Forbidden City. The Ming was well known for their ceramic statues, paintings done by respected artists and the porcelain pots, which were in demand from European countries. Literature, although not as well known as the...