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Cell Phone

The cellular telecommunication device, commonly referred to as a cell phone, is a device that lets a person contact another person through wireless radio transmissions. This device revolutionized communication between humans. It allowed voice to travel wirelessly through the very air we breathe, and let another person hear it. The technology is astounding, and has progressively evolved throughout the decades since its conception. Starting out, they were hardly portable, being massive bricks of intricate circuit boards and antennae. Now, phones are thin, sleek, and fragile. Phones have integrated themselves to become a part of our everyday lives, and we could not imagine a world without them.

In 1973, Motorola unveiled their new piece of technology; the cell phone. It was the first handheld cell phone, and it was monstrous. The phone was hardly mobile being literally the size of a brick, and weighing in at two and a half pounds.

You could talk on the phone for about half an hour, then you must charge it for about half a day. The phone was hardly practical, but if paved the way for future generations of phones.

Later, the second generation of cellular devices came around. They were able to make the phone a more convenient size by creating a bag that you wear around your belt. Surprisingly enough, these phones were dubbed "bag phones." These devices were able to be attenuated by being glued on by a spiraling cord to a substantial bag that contained the battery and antenna. On the phone itself was the gooey, rubberized dial pad and a two-lined number display. A coarse, rigid black plastic enclosed the circuits of the phone guarding it them from being damaged. The microphone for the phone was...