Cell Phones and Driving

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Driving While Talking On Your Cell Phone Has some Serious Risks

The risk of having a traffic accident when using a cell phone while driving is the same as that while driving drunk

Cell phone users are four to five HUNDRED percent more likely to get into traffic accidents than those who do not use them

According to a case-control study of data from 223,137 traffic crashes in Oklahoma from 1992 - 1995, there is a nine-fold increase in the risk of fatality given the use of a cellular telephone

The study looked at the association between cellular telephone use and EIGHTEEN other driver inattention factors and traffic crash risk. Results indicated that talking for more than 50 minutes per month on a cellular phone in a vehicle was associated with a 5.59 fold increased risk of a traffic crash over other factors.

The Insurance Research Council's Public Attitude Monitor showed that four out of five survey respondents (82%) agree that using cell phones while driving cars distracts drivers and increases the likelihood of traffic accidents; 84% of cell phone owners agree.

The use of cell phones while a vehicle is in motion has already been banned in several countries. Driving with a cell phone was banned in Japan after a study found the number of traffic accidents related to the phones increased by 11 percent from 1997 to 1998. In the month after the law went into effect, the number of accidents caused by drivers using cell phones fell by about 75 percent.

Don't wait for a set of laws governing cell phones on the road to come along. Use common sense

With cell phone popularity reaching new heights, more and more drivers are using their commute time to conduct business and personal affairs on their cell phones. American...