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Censorship I think that censorship is a serious issue. I also believe that people take censorship serious in many cases but in other cases it is not taken very seriously. Censorship can also be both good to us and bad to us.

Many things such as T.V. shows, movies, music, and even electronics. I think that television has benn censored for a good reason. Adult scenes and blood has been removed so that small children don't see them. Movies are less censored but have ratings so that people have to be within a certain age group to see the film. Music was edited so that the vulgar language is taken out. If it wasn't removed children could here it and would think that it was okay to repeat it. Electronics have been banned in the schools for the better. If electronics were allowed in school students would not have their minds on school.

Students would be worried about missing a call on their phone and not paying attention to the teacher.

Many books have been censoored right out of school. I think that this is one censorship that is bad. Books help to educate students about many things. They show us what life is like in foreign countries and shows us the history of our world's cultures. I believe that all books should be allowed in school.

I think that all the censorship we need in schools should be some basic and simple rules. Pornography should be censored out of schools along with vulgar language, violence, drugs and alcohol.

Overall I think that censorship is needed in our homes, schools and in the world itself. We need it to keep our schools in good order and we need it to live our everyday lives. It is also something that I...