Central Park, An Escape

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When I looked down on the street from the top of the Empire State Building, I was amazed by the number of yellow taxies and a huge patch of green with lakes, in the middle of Manhattan. I realized that it was Central Park. Seeing it brought back pleasant memories of the many times that I visited it. The park is my favorite place in New York City because it is like being in the country without leaving the city. I can take a rest, find solitude and be close to nature. Also, because of its huge area and numerous trees, Central Park has the ability to regulate the temperature of Manhattan. Another reason I like Central Park is that it attracts many cultural activities, festivals and concerts that are held every year.

Central Park has 840 acres of natural environment. Jennifer J. Wollan calls it in her article "The Simple Pleasures of Central Park", "840 acres of tranquility and escape" (http://www.theinsider.com/nyc/attractions/2central2.htm).

Even though there are always lots of people in Central Park, you can easily find a quiet place in it. My favorite place in Central Park is the Conservatory Garden, located at 105th street. There, you can find many beautiful flowers, trees, and also fountains that are masterpieces. Whenever I go into the garden, it feels like "unlocking the gate to The Secret Garden" (Wollan http://www.theinsider.com/nyc/attractions/2central2.htm). I agree with Wollan in this regard, especially in the springtime when the apple trees are blooming with their magnificent fragrance, which fills the air around me.

Because of its size, Central Park also has a significant role in regulating and moderating the temperature of the City. Manhattan is densely populated and has too many cars producing gases. These gases add to air pollution, which increases the temperature on the island.