Certificate in Education year one (Teacher training in UK): Create, submit and justify a suitable range of session plans and supporting materials to illustrate the efficiency and effectiveness of your planning.

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'No substantial part of this assignment has been submitted previously for the purposes of assessment to the University of Wolverhampton or any other educational establishment.'


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Session plans

Section 3: Support materials, description and justification

Section 4: Planning overview

Section 5: Conclusions

Section 6: List of abbreviations

Section 7: Reference list

Section 1


The course of students that my lesson plans have been prepared for is 1206/36, a course of nine males ranging from seventeen to twenty five. All are Senior Aircraftsmen (SAC) Avionics technicians (classed as Eng Tech Av's), some have joined the RAF straight from school and the rest have decided to join after experiencing other employment. They enter the RAF with a wide range of academic qualifications, ages and social backgrounds. They arrive with me fifty-two weeks into a sixty five-week course and will be taught by myself for approximately nine to ten weeks.

At the moment we have no system in place to assess students needs when they arrive with us but after being on the Cert Ed course I feel there is a definite need for this. During my course work on assignment one I created an informal student questionnaire to assess my own students needs. In the first feedback I received from this questionnaire I discovered that one of my students had dyslexia. This revelation came as an enormous surprise both to my superiors and myself; they like myself had no idea about this student's prior history. To this end myself and

another RAF Cpl on the course have put a proposition forward to our supervisors for a simple system to be put in place.

I have included three lessons from the overall course syllabus in this paper. They are from two different aspects of my environment, one...