Chapter 18- Junk

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Chapter 18

Burgess, in my opinion, really brings out a new and scary side to our protagonist, Tar, in this particular chapter. Tar has now grown into this 'High life of a Junkie' stuff, shown to him by characters Lily and Rob. Although now to an extent that he's forgotten his origins and has begun to turn into something most sensible people stay miles away from. In the backstreets, where the floor is cold and the walls are full of grime, is where Tar is now shown, no light shines on those who choose the life in the shadows.

The first piece of evidence that portrays Tar's dramatic change is the quote on page 197 "I'm part of a tribe." this quote jumped out and told me Tar was now almost 100% more confident that he had been before the drugs. Tribes we're around thousands of years ago, and where vital to the survival of man kind.

Tribes needed everyone within them to help out in someway, shape or form. A mans job in a tribe though was to father strong offspring and hunt for the food. Men were important and needed and gazed upon by the women. Tar, by saying part means if he wasn't there, he'd be missed and make everything uneven and complete like a puzzle piece really. Tar believes now, he has to fight and survive alongside his friends- his "tribe." The newfound confidence in Tar makes him seem threatening and strong, like men of the tribes so long ago.

After more reading, I became horrified at the fact the boys (Tar and rob) "Started pulling stuff out of drawers and running about.". At this stage in the book Tar and Rob had walked into the apartment of Helen and Alan, newly introduced characters, and...