Chapter 2 1/2: The Untold Truth Behind the Triwizard Tournament Harry Potter Fan Fic

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Chapter 2 1/2: The Untold Truth Behind the Triwizard Tournament

Wormtail reached for the dead body of the old short man, grimacing as he struggled to pick up the heavy body.

"Leave him be, there is planning to be done," Lord Voldemort said while gazing into the fire before him.

"As you wish, my lord," Wormtail replied, letting out a heavy breath as he lay down the heavy and now stiff body. He could tell that rigor mortis was beginning to set in the body.

Lord Voldemort's brow became furrowed in thought. The fire crackled as Wormtail added more and more wood. Wormtail crept to the woodpile in the corner and gathered more fuel to keep the fire alive.

"I have some old friends at Durmstrang that might be able to make a loophole..."

"A loophole? In what, Lord?"

"I have been told that Dumbledore will put an age limit on those who may enter the Triwizard Tournament.

I happen to be well acquainted with the head of Durmstrang, Professor Karkaroff. He was once one of my followers and still is to my knowledge."

Suddenly a frail-looking woman came into the room calling "Frank" repeatedly. Then she looked over to see the figure in the armchair.

"Fine-sir, have you seen my husband Frank? It is dinner time and he gets very restless when he doesn't get his din....Oh my god, what has happened!"

"Wormtail, move away now!"

The same green light that had put down the old short man named Frank, put down his wife Mildred with one quick blow.

"The old coot wasn't lying after all, and by god his wife came," Voldemort said with a hint of disbelief in his voice. "Wormtail, go dig them graves in the garden. I have letters to...