Chapter 9 For Part 1 Of 1986

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Winston's heart was pounding and thoughts were racing through his head. He didn't want to go outside because the spy would follow him but if he didn't continue walking than the spy would kill him on the spot. He also knew that he had to use his head since the spy had an advantage over him strength and speed. Winston continued to walk out the door.

He walked for about 30 minutes. He decided that it is best that he handled this situation is the most orderly situation as possible. He yelled out "Conrad come out and show your self I know that you are a spying on me." The young girl walked out from the shadows of the ally. "How dare you buy things from the black market comrade" she said. "Give your self up or I will shoot." Winston gathered up all his courage and bum rushed the spy and tried to knocked the dart gun away from her.

He missed and fell on the ground. He felt the darts puncture his skin. Than he herd a loud bang and the spy toppled on top of him. He looked up and saw O'Brien standing with a gun. He felt lightheaded for a moment and fainted.

When Winston woke up he was in an old run down shack in the middle of Victory Apartments. He wondered around and saw O'Brien rocking on a rocking chair with Winston's diary in his lap. "Why did you do that?" Winston asked. "You were my friend and I wanted to test out my new gun I just bought," replied O'Brien. "But that doesn't matter she is dead and nobody will find out because she is in the sewers. I'm interested about what your writing about what your writing about. I didn't know that you are against Big Brother like I am. I always thought that you were a thickheaded bookworm who just erased our history and turned it into some garbage that they want us to believe." I know it is a shame isn't it a shame we need to do something." We will but first you need to get some sleep.