Character Monologue:Medieval Peasant

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My life is hard. Bartholomew and I are up at dawn every morning. He rushes of to work at the farm, and stays there all day, sometimes even during the night. We have to plant and harvest at least one good crop each year or we will starve during the winter. Aldous is learning to work on the farm with Bartholomew. I stay at home and tend to the vegetable garden, wash, prepare food and bake bread. Adela and Albin help by tending to the animals which include chickens, pigs and cows.

It is hard work for everyone.

Our clothes are very plain and basic. We wear leather shoes and straw hats. We have plain linen shirts with very dull colours. We also have woollen capes for winter so that we won't freeze. Our food is plain as well. All our wheat that we work all year to make goes to the king, King Benedict. Meanwhile, we get the heavy bread, made of barley and rye. Our vegetables are made into soup, that way the little food we have can go further. Really lucky peasants get pork and bacon as well, but nothing like the rabbit and mutton and turkey that the king has.

Life for all peasants is extremely difficult. For many, the hardest part is thinking about the king and how much he has. He doesn't understand what it's like for us,