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Executive Summary:When someone mentions the city of Chicago one of the first things that comes to mind is the Sears Tower. Since the time that it was built, this superstructure has served the city as one of its greatest symbols. Through rain or shine, the Sears Tower stands tall and proud integrating itself into everyday life. The Sears Tower, a triumph of creativity and sophistication, is worthy of being observed as Chicago’s center. It is not only a wonderful landmark of Chicago but also a reflection of the diversity that exists in the city. The Sears Tower ultimately defines the city and such an achievement needs to be honored. In order to accomplish this, a marker should be placed at the Sears Tower to distinguish it from not only Chicago spaces but other spaces as well.

Introduction:Covered by bronze-tinted glass and stainless aluminum, the Sears Tower rises with a flare of elegance luring fellow Chicagoans and tourists into the heart of the West Loop.

Situated on Wacker Drive, a major business street, the Sears Tower houses a countless workforce. Although ideal for corporate users and financial firms, the Sears Tower also welcomes individuals who aren’t there for work related purposes but rather for recreation. This superstructure offers a comprehensive collection of amenities ranging from fitness centers to Chicago’s finest dining restaurants.

One of the most visited of these amenities is the Skydeck, Chicago’s highest observatory. At the Skydeck people can involve themselves with the city in a different, yet creative way. Located on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower, people can experience an amazing view ranging from 40-50 miles. This distance is more than enough to see the city of Chicago and surrounding states also. Additionally, this wonderful view isn’t just out the window. Individuals at...