Is chidhood the happiest time in a man's life?

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Childhood is the early stage of life of people. Children enjoy more freedom and are less accountable for their actions. They are know to have lots of fun and are generally less worried than their elder counterparts. They tend to enjoy life in their own way, without thinking much of the consequences. Children are cute and are favorites of the family.

A human being would certainly enjoy and cherish his chidhood days. As children are not prone to see the world around in a way the adult does so they tend to ignore the differences and be happy at a way things work out. They have an open mind which make them learn new things and trains them to co-exist with their environment in harmony, as they are provided with enough opportunities to learn and develop themselves. They are allowed to make mistakes because they are children, so children are quite excited and have lots of fun with their activities.

They experience many newer things which makes them feel satisfied. They enjoy of lot of leisure as compared to elders.

On the other hand, as people grow up they develop a charecter for themselves. They have a pre-conceived notion for everything depending on their past experiences. They are already burdened with lots of responsiblities and expectations that they don't find time to enjoy and be happy. The fear of failure and personal preferences brings down the happiness level.

Children are more liked as compared to adults so they enjoy the previleges like gifts, trips, toys which make them more happy. They can indulge and experiment with many things which the grown up's don't really enjoy because of the fear of criticism. Adults would tend to complicate things which would enburden him. But children are relatively simple and would enjoy every...