Child Abuse

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A child called it Chapter 1- The rescue Dave Pelzar is victim. His mother severely physically abuses him. In this chapter his teachers and a cop are rescuing him. They are taking him to a foster home.

Chapter 2- Good times This chapter describes the part of daves life which he loved. He wasn't being abuse at this time and he was still part of the family. His mother and father get and dave is still being fed.

Chapter 3- Badboy This chapter describes the beggingin of dabes miserable life. He supposedly starts to beome a bad boy, and now starts to receive beatings. He received one severe beating which his mother dislocated his arm.

Chapter 4- The fight for food.

This chapter is basically described in the title, "the fight for food". His mother is now denying him food and letting him starve. He also started to steal food from others students lunch boxes.

Chapter 5- The accident This chapter is when daveids mother accidently stabs dave. She stabbed him with a carbinh knife and didn't even take him to the hospital. Also his father betrays him.

Chapter 6- While father is away Daves father now spends most of his away, which means dave gets less breaks. His mother is now starving him for longer periods.