Child Behaviour Investigation

Essay by xendon November 2006

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Time: 11.45

No. of Adults: 1

No. of Children: 4

Children being observed: 3

Child A - Cant speak clearly, communication difficulty.

Child B- English 2nd language can speak & understand 4

Child C - Very shy, 3+ (non-verbal)

Child D- Very active - Do not concentrate

Setting: The activity table "Lotto game."

Aim: To observe and provide activity to promote language and communication.

Observation: In order to observe child A, B, C, D to communicate with each other and promote vocabulary I gave them a lotto game to play.

Child A is sitting next to me on the right

Child B is opposite to me

Child C and D are sitting next to each other, to the left.

Child A - Picking up the picture cards 'I'll do it'.

Child B and D - "I wan to do it first".

Child C Stayed quite looking at me.

Adult(me) " We all take turns first A than B, C, D OK"

Child A picked up the card trying to choose one "who got this?" showing the card to children.

Child B and D "it is a sun", "I got it" said B.

Child A is putting the card on the chart B saying something. Not clear enough to understand.

Child B - snatching from her hand 'give it to me'. 'I do it'.

Adult: I asked Child A "can you tell me what it is?" She said "fun" I repeated Sun she tried and than start looking at the cards again.

Child A Picking up another card.

Child B "No it's my turn". She showed the card and said the right name, "it is a door." "Who got it?"

Child D "I have it" and suddenly ran to the computer corner.

Child A picked up another card again.