Children and Televison

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Television makes the senses dull, kills imagination, and makes the brain soft, which prevent the powers of brain from kids. As the technology grew kids got more options toward the media that that of the past. Nowadays approximately 25% of children watch from 4 to 11 hours of television daily. Parents of these children, and parents of those who watch even less, need help in dealing with this problem. Parents find it easy for them if they put on the TV for their child. This is easy for parents but the child should be well monitored. Event though TV encourage education, communication, and everyday fun, all of their programmes aren't suitable for children

Parents and educators around the country are concerned over the amount of time children watch television and other technologies that are increasingly available in many homes (VCRs, cable, Internet, video games, etc.). In addition, parents are concerned about the amount of violence is regularly portrayed on television and other media technologies.

Watching TV can be dangerous. When kids watch excessive amount of TV they forget about their food, health, education (homework), play time, bed time, parents and more. Keeping other lights on and having the seats ten feet away from the television and limiting the television time might help to keep a good eye and mind. A child who watch TV all the time lack essential social skills, family and community relationships, the sacrifice of educational time, and physical and imaginative play. Moreover, those youngsters who watch an excessive amount of television and other media technologies have little time for developing other interests and hobbies.

Television Violence is another bigger problem nowadays. Even cartoons are drawn with full of fights and battle related topics. American Psychological Association, says that violence on TV may make children...