Children who suffer from obesity

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Child Obesity is one of the most serious problems our nation is facing today; different cultures have confronted child obesity in many different ways. for some cultures in which it is normal to be overweight because of the cultural food while in other cultures it is not. Many parents face problems with attempting to control their children's diet. Instead of providing healthy and nutritional food, parents simply provide their children with junk food, which is not healthy. In today's society, where everything runs on wheels, parents can not seem to dedicate an hour or two out of their busy lives to cook a healthy meal at home; instead, parents tend to take the easy and cheaper way out to feed their children, which is fast food.

Fast food is fine once in a while, but in the long run it can be very harmful to once health. There are nearly two million children who suffer from childhood obesity and are more likely to suffer from more serious diseases, as compared to children who do not suffer from obesity.

Parents should be, concerned about their children's diet. Many parents may feel bad or guilty refusing their child a slice of Pizza or ice cream before dinner; however parents must realize that their refusal can be very beneficial for their children in the future. These are not the only factors, there are many dangerous risks an overweight child faces every day. Obese children have a higher risk of serious adulthood problems, such as cardiovascular decease, type 2 diabetes (the incidence of which is rapidly increasing among children) and the most common asthma. These decease are only a few of what obese children may suffer from.

In a book called The Developing Person through Childhood Berger, states says, "The face that the rate...