Christianity Trouble in Rome

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Connor Riley

Mr. Larrabee

Comparative Religions

19 September 2014

Being a Christian in the Roman Empire was not an easy thing. Families where torn apart by the Christian religion. Christians were in a sense of paranoia because they didn't want to be prosecuted. The hardships of being a Christian and a person that dies for what they belief in are shown in the article. And how hard it really was to be Christian in the time of the Roman Empire.

Christians refused to worship the roman gods, along with refusing to pay homage to the emperor which resulted in persecution and martyrdom as it shows the article. Christians had to keep the fact that there were Christians secret. In the case of the of catechumens like Revocatus, Felicaitas, Saturninus and Secundulus which are Christian coverts, many of them were often prosecuted and arrested, as they were is the article.

Which I think shows that in this point in the Roman Empire saw Christians as people of treason almost against the Roman religion, although some states of Roman Empire were easier on punishment, because it all had to do with what the governor of that state thought when the Christians were brought to trial. When Perpetua was brought to trial she was the only one that said she was a Christian, while all the other catechumens that she was arrested with admitted there guilt, but she was the only to commit that she was Christian. The governor and judge sentenced her to be condemned by the beasts. When under trial everyone but Perpetua was pardoned because they admitted to guilt and renounced their but since Perpetua did not renounce or make sacrifice her infant child to the emperor and the roman gods but she refused even with her father begging...