Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus was born between August and the end of October of the year 1451. His birthplace was an ancient city of Genoa. His father and grandfather were both woolen weavers who moved from town to town of the Genoese Republic for at least three generations. Due to his facial features, red hair, and tall stature it may suggest that he was more of "barbarian" rather than "Latin" blood. Although, there really isn't any reason not to believe that Columbus was a Genoese-born Catholic Christian. He was one who was faithful to God and was proud of his hometown. He was also a very loyal Genoese. He really never did become a naturalized Spaniard. In the book "Admiral of the Ocean Sea" it quotes him saying, "Because from it I came and in it I was born." It also states that he would refer to Genoa as the "noble and powerful city by the sea".

No one questioned his originality for three centuries, then some started to claim that Columbus was really an Indian who was native to the shores. After researches where done on his family tree it was clear that he was from nowhere else except Genoa. The fact that there was very much Italian in Columbus's writing also tells us that he was most likely from Genoa. Any poor boy, such as Columbus, would not have had very much schooling, therefore, would not have been taught write in proper Italian. As a matter of fact he was pretty much illiterate when he left home. We don't know to much about Christopher's childhood but from what we do know, Samuel Eliot describes him as, "a proud and sensitive Lad, faithful in his religious duties, following a humble trade in order to help support his parents, but...