The Church And The Holocaust

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The Holocaust The poem, "Holocaust,"� written by Barbara Sonek, sends out a message to the world about how bad the holocaust was and that it can never happen again to humanity. From the victim's viewpoint, she tells of how they were once playful, laughing, and loved children that were destined to be future doctors, lawyers, and leaders. Then they were taken away from their loving families, their hopes and dreams vanished, and they were thrown into raging fires. Others were taken away in overcrowded trains with little room to breathe and their only hope was that they would survive the next day. In the end, she wanted us to hear the plea from the victims that had lost their lives along with everything they had hoped for in their lives so that history can be prevented from repeating itself.

In 1934, Adolph Hitler rose to power in Germany, and became know as the "Fuehrer"� and "Reich Chancellor,"� which consolidated all political powers.

The German Army tripled in size and Hitler pressed on with plans to take over all of Europe. This was when Hitler started with the mass executions of many innocent people.

The Holocaust is regarded as the systematic slaughter of eleven million people commenced by Adolph Hitler's Nazi Regime. People were mass exterminated because they were considered less than perfect for their religious beliefs and any physical defects that did not meet the "Aryan"� ideals set by the Nazis. This included over sixty-six of the total European population that was of the Jewish faith. Other groups that were put to death were the sick and physically handicapped, Soviet prisoners of war, Polish, Catholics, Gypsies, homosexuals, and anyone else that opposed Hitler and the Nazi Party. The Nazis were attempting to create a new race of perfect people, which...