"Cinema Paradiso": The Movie

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Something that is desired intensely. An ulterior goal by which one would do anything for. As I sat down in that room in CTC watching the final credits flash out names of unfamiliar actors one after another I could not help but think about this word. Cinema Paradiso is definitely a passionate film and I mean that in more ways than one. Passionate, in terms of characters, where every character is filled with his or her own longings, struggles and hopes. Passionate, in terms of plot, where every detail is rich in symbolism. Passionate, in terms of audience relativity, where it seeks to reach out and go beyond subtitles to delve into the emotions of the viewers. A superb movie that dwells in the simplicity and honesty of situations to further highlight a heartwarming reminder of hope and love.

The film starts with a mother devotedly calling her son Salvatore to tell him something-a news she was sure "would bring him back home" after almost 30 years of desolation.

Salvatore, who happens to be an acclaimed director flanked by many a lovers, learns this and journeys back through his memories to the days where he met and grew up with Alfredo.

Through a series of flashbacks, every character involved with the growth of Little Toto to the director Salvatore was portrayed. Each was, I repeat, passionate.

Passionate for the movies.

Little Toto was the epitome of passion. In his own little ways, he was portrayed as someone who would do anything for what he loves-that is from sneaking out of an errand to watch a film, acting injured in a chore with the parish priest to ride along with Alfredo, the man in charge with projecting the films to, slinking up the projection room to obtain cut clips from...