"Citizen Kane"

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The Story of a Dead Man Is Brought to Life Citizen Kane presents a strong subject and theme through the use of the narration of the story. The style of narration is one that is a non-linear, non-chronological, and detached. With the use of multiple flashbacks through different characters points of view we learn about the major events of Charles Foster Kane's life. Although these events may be overlapping and possibly exaggerated by the characters, we are able to view the different sides of Kane's personality. The subject is quite visible to the audience early on in the film. However it takes the entire film for the audience to come to the final conclusion of the theme.

The subject is a rags to riches tale of a young boy who inherited a fortune. He was taken away from his parents so that a banker that would educate him could raise him.

The underprivileged looked at him as a champion because he was the epitome of what it meant to fulfill the American dream. This man was so influential that a reporter searches for the meaning of this man's last word, "Rosebud", before his death. It is the search for the meaning of "Rosebud" that provides the exploration of character traits.

"I don't think any word can explain a man's life," says one of the searchers through the warehouse of collections left behind by Kane. Then we see a close-up of the word "Rosebud" on a sled that has been thrown into the fire. We realize that this was the sled Kane had as a child while being torn away from his family to be educated at a boarding school in the east. It is then that we understand the theme of Citizen Kane in its entirety. The theme is...