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Discuss the effectiveness of non-violent protest as a method of achieving civil rights for Negros in the 1960's

Throughout the 1960's in America the civil rights movement launched with an array of non-violent protests all across the nation, each protest leading toward the goal of equal rights for whites and blacks. Non-violent protests ranged from sit-ins the freedom rides with each being effective in its own way. Non-violent protesting was certainly the best way for the 'Negros' to get their word across in a dominating white culture society. With the Negros not physically fighting back but not backing down form what they were fighting for simply made the white Americans look foolish as the protests became more effective and prevalent with multiple key figures playing a role in the struggle for equality.

The Greensbo sit-in occurred on Monday, February 1, 1960, they first started with four black students from the university sitting down and ordering lunch form the counter where whit people sat.

They did not move until the store was closed constantly being asked to move and not getting served once the whole time they sat there. This lead too hundreds of students from the university conducting sit-ins and there were simply too manly to deal with as they continued to act with no means of violence