Civil Rights Movement.

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Civil Rights Movement

Although the Civil War occurred from 1861-1865, blacks still did not have the freedoms they had strived for. Nearly one hundred years later in 1960, the civil rights movement began where blacks would finally earn the equality they rightfully deserved. Many blacks put their lives on the line in order to receive justice. When the segration and discrimination became too much to handle, blacks did what was needed to be done to put an end to all of this.

The school district of Topeka may have been where the Civil Rights movement stared, although it is hard to pinpoint a certain event or idea. The Supreme Court ruled in integration of blacks and whites inside the school system. School segregation was not instantly demolished. Many whites and politicians fought this battle with an iron fist. However, the Supreme Court ruled that segregated schools were unconstitutional; the first in many steps for the blacks.

Another monumental mark in the civil rights history was caused by Miss Rosa Parks. At the time, it was a southern custom for blacks to sit in the back of the bus. Rosa refused to give up her seat to a white passenger, and well everyone knows the rest of the story. After her arrest, a Montgomery Bus Boycott went into effect. Blacks found whatever way possible to get around, weather it was carpooling or walking, they were determined to get their point across. For the first time in history, blacks were effectively standing up for themselves to make a difference within their community.

In September of 1957 Central High School in Little Rock admitted nine black students to their school. In previous decades, this is completely out of the question. None, blacks or whites could have ever imagined public schools with mixed races.