Civil War

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Civil War Medicine by Stewart Brooks is a narrative that captures the four agonizing years of war. This book not only depicts the horrifying years of war but it also explains the progress that was consummated throughout the four years of the civil war. First, it tells us how gruesome and deadly these years really were. It brings massive attention to the number of Americans that died during this period of time. Next, the book explains how atrocious the medical field was during the war. It describes the facilities that were available and the massive spread of disease that occurred in these institutions. Finally, we are told how the improvements throughout the years in the medical field help us to save men that before would not have had the opportunity to live. People that died earlier in the civil war are now able to survive because of the improvements of the medical field made during these four agonizing years.

Never before had an American faced such a horrendous situation. Arms and legs were blown off of soldiers. Smoke clouding the sky with debris flying all over the place, required soldiers to keep a close look out not knowing what would hit them next. Walking along seeing a man lying in a pool of blood watching them die was a site seen day to day. Men lying, starving, and helpless in the battlefield fighting for there life is the story of this time. With the lack of knowledge and lack of facilities for these men, it was almost impossible to survive. There were about 620,000 men that died, a number that tops all other wars that had been fought. The chance of your loved one leaving for war and coming back to you was about one in four. The biggest causes...