The Civil War

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The Civil war was one of the most important events in our nations history. There were many heroes on the union side such as Abraham Lincoln. However there were many heroes on the confederate side such as Stonewall Jackson. There were many causes of the civil war such as radicals and states rights. There were also many events that eventually effected the outcome of this war. One of these was the Emancipation Proclamation This war was very interesting and it's enjoyable to read about. Of all the causes of the Civil War I think these two were the most important. The first was radicals. Preston Brooks was considered a radical after he knocked Charles Sumner unconscious because he wrote a speech against slavery. Next there was an attack on Lawrence (the antislavery capitol), which then lead to John Brown killing five supporters of slavery. These radicals caused the war because they went to extreme measures to make sure they got their way and eventually it became a war.

The next important cause was that of state's rights. Vice president John C. Calhoun argued about the high tariff for the south. He thought states should have the right to nullify or cancel a law. The south believed states should have independent rights from the federal government. Another example was in January of 1830, when Daniel Webster challenged a speech given by Robert Hayne. Hayne was defending that states had the right to nullify and the right to secede. Secession meant to break away from the United States and form their own government. This made the U.S. separate as the two sides fought about their differences and went to war with each other.

One significant event that occurred during the Civil War was the Emancipation Proclamation. It was written in January...