Classic Airline Benchmarking

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Customer ServiceCompanies like Classic Airlines need to position themselves for long-term success. They can accomplish this by understanding and connecting with their customers. Good customer relationships help organizations find new clients, foster customer loyalty, and increase lifetime customer value. The companies and organizations that have been chosen will assist Classic Airlines at bringing the organization back on-line with their customers and help them to build their customer base back to what they desire. The companies that the team looked at will show the positives and negatives of customer relations.

Generic Benchmarking WorksheetTask A: Problem/Opportunity StatementDonnaClassic Airlines is having issues with attracting new and retaining customers as a result of an outdated and uncompetitive rewards program and poor marketing.

GaryClassic Airlines will become the "customers' airline carrier of choice" by implementing a first class Customer Relationship Management program (CRM) that focuses on understanding the key drivers of their customers values, needs and relationships.

NichelleTo sustain Classic as an industry leader, the organization is mandated to develop and implement a long-term strategy that will engage key stakeholders, maximize shareholder value, and increase revenue and stability while building customer relationships.

Generic Benchmarking-The purpose of generic benchmarking is to identify potential solutions to the problem statements defined in Task A. You will do this by looking at how companies in other industries have dealt with similar issues.

Topic A: Best Practices in Customer RelationsDonnaPathology Associates Medical Laboratories (PAML) of Spokane, Washington, just like Classic Airlines was doing a great job. PAML was doing great and was getting specimens however; they knew they had to improve customer service. Many customers complained that they had lengthy wait times for lab results. PAML never saw it coming and over a course of a month they apparently made some customer missteps for a major client. The...