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Clemency is a disposition to show mercy, especially toward and offender or enemy. Pardon is to release (a person) from punishment; exempt from penalty: a convicted criminal who was pardoned by the governor. The clemency process varies from state to state, typically including the governor and/or a board of advisors.

Governor Ryan gave clemency to 156 death row inmates and granted clemency to 11 inmates awaiting sentencing in Illinois. Clemency is granted for humanitarian reasons. Governor Ryan had doubts about the defendant's guilt, questions about the defendant's mental capacity and the rehabilitation of the inmates. He did this mostly so there will be no more innocent inmates put to their deaths.

The 156 death row inmates and the 11 inmates awaiting sentencing were given pardon. Governor Ryan gave the pardon mostly for what had happened to Gary Dotson when he was found to be innocent while on death row. Ryan wants no more death.

Even though some inmates are for sure guilty there is still the small possibility that the wrong man or women is put to their deaths.

The victims' families/friends and government are all challenging clemency. The families are appalled by Ryan's actions. They really do not understand why he has done this because all the inmates have all been proven guilty. The government is shocked because Ryan had made this law right before his last term was up. The government will also have to worry about other states pushing for what Governor Ryan had done. The citizens will push for the no more death situation.

Illinois's new governor Rod Blagojevich said that his against Ryan's decision. Rod thinks that Ryan should have made exceptions and not made all inmates off death row. "These are people that have killed other people and do not deserve mercy," said Governor...