"Click" by John Barth

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Barth insight on the worlds technological advancement with computers gave him a good start on an interesting story. By incorporating today's living with literature he turn out Click. "Click" some hated it, but some liked it. I think the lack of understanding of this story is what caused those people to dislike the story; the fact that the story was very long also had something to do with it. I will present the in-depth thought that made me understand and really like the story. Also I will put some points from the elements of fiction. I really like the concepts "Click" presented when I read it. There were some thoughts that the writer expressed, then there were some that was more in-depth and you had to think about. So lets begin the argument.

One explicit theme to 'Click' is told best by Barth, "The Hypertextuality of Everyday Life"(73). Where each word can take you further and further into a maze of choices.

The choices can go deeper which defines the terms of what you read. Those terms travels along side the paths of day by day activities. Until you get to an endless sea of terms, "given time and clicks enough, you will have 'accessed' virtually the sum of language, the entire expressible world. That's 'hypertext,'(75). I understood the combination of these words that are expressed to the fullest extent to be part of this story. The author gave so many side notes in parentheses or any other expressible notation that it could have drove the reader to throw the book against the wall. So, as Barth does so when he goes to express himself with the following "(because all these digressions, suspensions, parentheses, and brackets are setting the Narrator's teeth on edge....)"(77). The text will be to long to...