Clockwork Orange

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CLOCKWORK ORANGE "Life's neither a good nor an evil; it's a field for good and evil." There is no perfect society. There must be good and evil co-existing at all times, a sort of balance. In a society plagued by evil and wretchedness there is a man who kills, rapes and steals without a second thought. So evil that he has fantasies of nailing Jesus to the cross. His name is Alex and is the leader of a gang whose average night consists of murder and thievery. Eventually his evil ways catch up to him and a kind of justice seems to be served.

One night while finishing up a robbery in an old woman's house the gang turns on Alex. They whip him across the eyes with a chain and leave him for the police to find. Alex is sentenced to fourteen years in prison for the murder of the old woman, but after two years is picked for a new type of rehabilitation.

In this method the patient is subjected to violent videos and injected with a medication that induces a horrible feeling. After a while the brain begins to link the feeling with the violence. Once rehabilitated Alex is released and unable to even think of violence. Unfortunately, he is also left at the mercy of all the victims he had left on the outside.