Cold War

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1945, there was a conflict between the Communist nations led by the Soviet Union and the democratic nations led by the United States, this was called Cold War. Their were many economic and political conflicts between the two parties which led to the Cold War.

The Yalta conference is usually associated with the beginning of the Cold War. Some major causes of the Cold War was the Iron curtain, which was a speech made my Churchill and expressed the growing fear of communism. The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan were also some causes. The Truman Doctrine was to help guide the United States for decades, and rooted the idea of containment. The Marshall Plan was a massive aid package to strengthen democratic government and helped rebuild Europe after World War II. N.A.T.O. was also a cause, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or N.A.T.O. was an alliance amongst communist nations.

The Wester Democracies reacted very severely to the communist expansion. They built bases overseas and organized military alliances from Europe to Southeast Asia. The United States joined the UN peacekeeping missions in the Middle East to stop the spread of communism through out the nations. They fought wars to spread communism in Korea and Vietnam.

The outcomes of Cold War were mostly beneficial for many. November of 1989 the Berlin wall comes down and starts off the reverse domino effect of communism. The Soviet Union ended up collapsing in August 1991 because the economy did not grow well enough. Eastern Europe was now free and the Cold War ended.

The cold war was a war to stop communism, against the communist party and the democratic party. The Democratic party ended up being the stronger party and help to stop the spread of communism and help Europe become free.