Collective Bargaining

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Human Resources Seminar in Problem SolvingUniversity of PhoenixTaft-Hartley ActThe modifications that were brought about by the Taft-Hartley Act were extensive; it not only affected the structure of the Board, but the administration as well. The amendments to the Act address the unfair labor practices as well as the representation election provisions of the law. Language was added to Section 7 that reflected Congress' perception that some of the union's conduct needed to be corrected. The Act was changed to preserve the rights of employees, and prevent unions from participating in unfair labor practices. The amendments protected employees' Section 7 rights from restraint or coercion by unions, and prevented unions from pressuring employers to discriminate against employees for implementing their rights. Section 7 also declared the illegality of closed shops but allowed for a provision that could require employees to sign a union shop agreement after the 30th day of employment (,


The Taft-Hartley Act also imposed the same requirement on the unions that the Wagner Act imposed on employers; requiring unions to bargain in good faith, and prohibiting them from conducting secondary boycotts. This prevents unions from placing pressure on a neutral employer to stop doing business with the primary employer in which the union is having a dispute. The amendment also prevents the unions from charging excessive dues or initiation fees. Other significant changes included a free speech clause, supervisors being excluded from bargaining units, and the Board providing special treatment to professional employees, plant guards, and craftsmen in determining their appropriate bargaining units ( 2008).

Role of the National Labor Relations BoardThe National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is an independent federal agency that was created by Congress in 1935. The NLRB's main purpose is to prevent and resolve any unfair labor practices, whether they...