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Esposito 1

Hollis Esposito

English 101 (2nd Hour)

Professor Soares

September 15, 2014

Save the Culture Now

Has anyone ever just sat down and tried to make a list of all the cultures there are in the world? I am sure that somebody has tried to, but they probably did not get very far because there are so many cultures that have died away. Those lifestyles have vanished off the earth because their people passed away without preserving their culture in the hands of the next generations to come. When the Mayans and the Aztecs were around, they had all kinds of different traditions and beliefs. Time has passed and since they had no one to teach their cultures to, those beliefs are now long gone. Culture is very important because it is a way for a group of people to express how they feel and it connects generations of people together.

The diversity of culture has caused many disputes over the years, but why? Just because someone does not believe in what you believe in does not mean that their belief is wrong. The arguments over culture have had an impact on which culture stays and which one goes. If a culture is highly celebrated and believed in, then it will stay around for a long time. However if it is celebrated little and believed in by a few people, it probably will not last very long. We need to put aside these disputes between cultures because if we continue to fight and discriminate, we will have little to no culture in this world. All of the customs and traditions of the world need to be preserved, appreciated, and acknowledged by all of us. If we do not, then the next generations to come will not know about them.