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An eerie silence fell over me. All that filled the air was the silent hum of the computer's fans. As I sit here, late into the night, writing this horrid essay, I think to myself. What would best represent me? What would make a piercing impression upon the readers and evaluators that hold the key to my future? The thought process itself was staggering. So many experiences danced, floated, and cascaded in my head. None of which is worth the effort of actually being expressed. Which one defining moment do I choose? The answer is none of them, zero, zilch, zip. Each moment in my life possess its fair share of recognition and contemplation, but none of them define who I am alone. It is the combination of these sharp turns, deep valleys, and mountain peaks that truly represent who I am as a person. No amount of words can ever relate to you my passions, my fears, and my dreams.

I am, who I am not because of one moment, one glitter in the vast celestial tapestry that is my life, but because these glittering stars form a constellation unmatched by any others. These stars symbolize emotions, thoughts, and actions that wholly outline my true self. These stars like the billions upon billions that shine above me right at this moment are too numerous to be cataloged in black and white. So young am I to have a profound life experience to express and to guide me like the North Star that outshines the rest.

Coming out of the darkness, as I watch the sun rise above the horizon, the stars slowly fade away to dawn the mask I wear each day. Hidden behind the rays of intelligence and privilege, I leave my true self behind as the earth...