college over high school

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Karnjit Singh

Professor Hahn

DED61, Compare Contrast Essay

October 21, 2014

College Over High School

I prefer college to high school because of the student population, high expectations, and the diversity. High school students are very distracting because some students don't come there to learn. In college there is a high expectation from the professors. Students from all over the state come to colleges unlike high school. This diversity of students may help when faced with life problems. College is preferred for me because it is an overall great environment to study and learn.

I believe high school is not the greatest place to expand your knowledge. There are many distractions in high school that hold you back from your full potential. The biggest distraction in high school are the students who don't want to learn. High schools are mandatory and free to the public which means all kinds of students come such as honor roll students and students that clown around learning nothing.

This creates an unfair environment for the hard working honor roll students. College is completely the opposite it is very expensive so only students who truly need the education come. College students are always focused on their work and so don't have time to foul around. In college everyone has a fair change at learn the material without any distractions.

High expectations of college professors forces students to manage their time. Professors expect you to know your assignment due dates, test dates also hand in work on time. In high school teachers will keep reminding the student over and over so they don't forget. If you forget an assignment in college the professor will take no excuses for not completing it. People many think professors are not as helpful as high school teachers I don't...