College Pressure

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After I read Mr. Zinsser's essay titled College Pressure. It left me thinking about the important carrer descision I soon have to make.

Most of us don't know what we want in life. We are burden by expectation from parents and the pressure of chosing the right carrer for ourself.

Mr. Zinsser mentioned most sutedents today choose to have carrer with high financial sacrifysing self interest and social responsibility.

I share Mr. Zinsser's view. I will add my personal opinon to support his observation.

It's a big world out there. You dont' have to be a doctor, lawyer, or a rich business man to be succesful. Many of us associate high paying carrer with sucess. Many student spent years studying to find out later they do not like what they do. It is painful to work with something you don't like for the rest of your life.

My uncle is doctor.

He rarely looks happy. He is very busy working all day. His profession has consumed all his time. He has very little time for his family and personal interest. Even when his not working his mind is preoccupied with his work. Once he told me if had chance to chose his carrer again. He would give up the high payed job of doctor to be a magician. He really likes to entertain and amuse people that's what really makes him happy.

Imagine all of us choose to study the same major because of the financial reward. There will an over supply of talent. In the recent year many people chose a carrer in the computer field. After the dot com crush in the new millenium many are left many programmer without a job. Silicon valley cut 130000 jobs in last year alone. Many family are being affected. A society...