Colonial Times

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WAY of LIFE In colonial times there where many diseases,farmers,challenges, and occupations. The biggest worry in colonial times were diseases because they were not any vaccines. There were occupations like farmers,coopers, carpenters,barrelmakers,and brick layers. There were many differant kinds farmers like rice farmers and other kinds of crop farmers. Farmers also raised hogs and cattle. During the day if people were not doing anything they would carve wood and other many other things. Back then they were rich people and slaves. They lived in small houses. The women would care for the houses.Only male church members could vote at town meetings .

Today we still have a worry of many diseases. We don't have as many environmental challenges. We still have carpenters, but little. We don't have coppers because of technology. The jobs we have are much more complex. Farmers still raise hogs and cattle and other things today.