Columbus Good or Bad

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I think that Columbus was bad for the following reasons, he brought slavery to the Americas, he suggest the idea of conquering the natives and enslaving them, he also caused many African tribes to lose their fittest members so they couldn’t get as much food and other items they wanted, and he also stole all the gold from the Native American tribes or they gave it to him.

One of the worst things he did was introduce slavery and disease to the Native American people. The slavery was free labor and the disease spread through out many colonies killing most of their population.

I also think he was a hero though because without him America would have been discovered later and then the advances that we made such as freedom wouldn’t have been in existence. Another reason it was good he found America is because many people wanted to get away from the tyrannical government.

By finding this land you basically could move there claim whatever land you want and wouldn’t have to pay taxes or live by any rules.

Another reason he was a hero was because, because of him the Spanish were able to expand their empire and he found many uncivilized islands in the Americas. I think he isn’t a villain either though because he was ordered to do something and if you didn’t do it you would be killed for treason.