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Georgia, a part of the former soviet union curtain, is the history's first democratic nation to be supported by the majority western nations even though they are the aggressor. While Russia, who defended South Ossetia independence, gets the blame. The reason? The western countries who condemned Russia actions are worried about the pipeline that supplies oil to the west. Oil prices have been rising sharply, Russia, playing on the resource leverage, hyped up the demand. The Russians intention for hyping are unknown, but the belief is that the government wants to use this opportunity to drive its economy, or more shrewdly, to control and influence its western counterpart development. The oil scarcity causes the European countries to tremble; they have to start planning for new oil routes. And the new route, as it was planned, was to go through Azerbaijan to Georgia to Turkey(Alexis, 2008)The Russian invasion of Georgia scares the hell out of European nations, as their oil pipelines are in danger of falling into Russia hands.

Self interest, in fact, which made European nations criticise the defender and support the aggressor. And this doesn't left Russia safe from being blamed as well. Russia's consequence for hyping up the demand have left her with no friends at all(Alexius,2008). Its diplomatic relations are hurting, it have got worst in this war, and it will never change unless Russia give some incentives to its western counterparts.

But what about the United States, who supported democratic Georgia but not South Ossetia independence? The reason being that Georgia have great relationships with America and are a willing member of most trade organizations. It is this moral binding incentive that left America no choice but to support the aggressor.

The South Ossetia and Abkhazia territorial problems have always been around since the end of...