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Breast-fed babies

Breast-fed Babies

ENG 112

As a mother of two I'm always looking for the most beneficial way to provide my children with the best nurturance possible. When it comes to breastfeeding most women look at it as a taboo way of feeding their child. They look at the public eyes and see breastfeeding as a sought out way to be something that should be done in private. With people thinking about the controversy of breastfeeding whether it should be done in public or private, the true intentions of breastfeeding is being lost. Although there are some cons there are also many pros that also come with breastfeeding for women and children. The health benefits that women can gain with breastfeeding after birth. Also breastfeeding most important beneficiary is the child. The benefits a child can gain from breastfeeding alone is a reduction in acute illnesses and chronic diseases.

Even if there's a so called equal way to feed a child or society friendly way to feed a child, we should lose site on the true benefits of breastfeeding.

A women's health after birth is just as important as the infant's health. A woman body goes through a lot with hormones and giving birth to another human being. The American Academy of Pediatrics did a "number of studies that indicated possible health benefits for mothers." (Weimer,1999) These health benefits consist of, "reduction in hips fractures in the postmenopausal period, less postpartum bleeding, and reduced risk of ovarian cancer." (Weimer,1999) With reducing the risk of some major health issues in women, it gives the new mother more time to spend with their newborn instead of dealing with medical issues. One of the most command illnesses in women after birth is postnatal depression. Hormones in women body "change as a result...