Commercialization of "Right Start" breakfast cereal

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The product "Right Start" will be introduced to the market by a program aimed at establishing, maintaining, and expanding on a customer base through the use of elaborate product promotion, marketing, and sales promotion. This scheme will involve the segmentation of the total market for the identification of a primary target market so as to direct promotion and marketing towards a specific audience, the differentiation of the product "Right Start" breakfast cereal from the pre-existing products of competitors of "Let's Go", the use of product promotion, advertising/ marketing, and sales promotion, and the consideration of any legal and ethical issues facing the commercialisation / health implications of the consumption of "Right Start".

Market segmentation plays an intrinsic role in the promotion and sales of any product, and will allow "Let's Go" to effectively deliver marketing and advertising campaigns to those interested in purchasing "Right Start", or to those whom said product may hold a particular appeal to.

In this case, the primary target market will be comprised of females aged 40 and above residing in cosmopolitan centres and affluent suburban spreads, whilst earning an average household income of $1485.80 per week (middle class), who consume cereals on a regular basis and are self-aware (having a particular interest or concern in the maintenance of one's health). This decision was based on the fact that, statistically speaking, middle aged females consume breakfast cereals on an extremely frequent basis compared to persons of different genders or different ages due to a personal strive to obtain a particular body image. By choosing a specific target market, a larger chance of success is made possible by avoiding the targeting of an overly general market which would result in a loss of promotional and marketing resources (Exemplified through...