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Name: Phuong Chu Rhetoric: Emotional Response______________________

I. Context and Situation


President George W. Bush - president of the United States at that time

-Immediate and Intended Audience(s)?

Immediate: Anyone who heard his speech either in person or through some type of mass medium

Intended: Voters in America who have the ability to help pass an amendment to protect the definition of marriage as it stands


2004, The United States of America


Civil rights activists were starting to push harder for marriage equality

II. Purpose

-What is the author's position?

Bush is strongly against legalized gay marriage.


Marriage has been defined as a union between a man and a woman. Activists are trying to destroy this value which has always been a part of our society. Children develop better and society is stronger when the family has parents that are a man and a woman.

-Requested Actions?

To vote for an amendment to permanently define marriage as being a union between a man and a woman so the states could not decide for themselves.

III. Rhetor

-Role of the rhetor?


He speaks with a tone of authority and knowledge

-Linguistic tone?

Knowing, concerned, urgent

IV. Rhetorical Barriers and Advantages


Audience-related - The gay people and supporters could look at this speech as an attack against them

Reputation of rhetor - Bush is well-known supporter of opposite sex marriage, and his opinion could be viewed as biased


Culture - in 2004 gay rights were just starting to make headway and not a lot of people openly supported them

Belief - from a religious standpoint many people are against the idea of same-sex marriage

Complexity - the purpose...