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¡°Communism or Capitalism¡± When we as a society compare Communism to Capitalism, we must first consider the concept of time. For the most part Capitalism in one form or another has been alive and thriving throughout modern history. For many millennia, in the midst of dictatorships, monarchies, and socialist governments, there has always been some form of Capitalism alive and doing well within human society.

The sometimes forgotten fact about Communism is that for all intents and purposes, it is still less than one hundred years old. Considering the extent of failure Communism has already endured during its application, perhaps the masses have already spoke, as to its nurturing characteristics, and its palatability to the human spirit. Certainly in theory Communism offers a nurturing ability to care for all people, but in practice it is apparent that it has not been to comfort all. At it foundation lies the idea of a ¡°classless society¡± and the notion that personal property benefits no one, it is not the individual that matters, only the state.

It is important to remember that in the last eighty years at least one third of the world population has been under communistic rule. Meanwhile in the fifteen years Communism has failure utterly and completely because ultimately it could not serve the needs of the people. Toady only the Chinese and the Cubans still hold onto to the Marxist dream, and the mere fact that those two regimes are still in power is more a symptom of oppressive rule than of Just or Natural Law.

I believe the human spirit needs challenge, a chance to maximize potential, to continue to grow and learn. The simple beauty of Capitalism is that we all have the ability advance either materialistically or intellectually. There are no limits...