Communist Manefesto

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There are many things that are misjudged in the world. Usually people will take their personal experiences and the limited information that they have and make an assumption on the topic. One of the things that have been misjudged is the working document of the Communist Party, The Communist Manifesto. As soon as any good American citizen hears the word communist they think of evil and suppression. In later years this might be the case, but the men who wrote the document, Karl Marx and Fredrick Engel, did not have that in mind.

Many people forget when this document was written. It was written in the mist of social upset with the idea of revolution in the air. These men put their ideas of a workable society onto paper. The document was intended to benefit the whole of society and not just the upper class. It was the constitution of the Communist party much like the constitution of the United States.

Each document was written in the middle of social unrest, and each document made suggestions and grievances of the current government they were under. The Americans did not like the way the king of England was treating them. The writers of the Communist Manifesto did not like the way their own royal crown was treating them. As one can see the Communist Manifesto is not to far from the U. S. Constitution in its origins, but the context is different. Before an assumption can be made on The Manifesto, there should be a look were it came from and how it originated