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High School graduation is a sense of accomplishment for everyone. Then in sets reality. The graduating class of 1996

is no different. There's Lisa, who has her future mapped out without exception. Bobby is a little confused but realizes where his

goals will lead. Finally, undecided and unknowing, Tracy searches for an answer. Though these graduates have completely

different academic goals, they have all registered at Elizabethtown Community College. However, they suddenly realize they

don't know the first thing about college. Who are these people? Where do they go? What do all these new and strange terms

mean? To whom do these students turn?

In order to understand how the college works, there must be an understanding of how the college is organized. At

ECC, the divisional structure is simple and understandable. This structure begins with the administration which consists of the

president, deans, and from there, the division of Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social and

Behavioral Sciences.

Each of these departments is headed by a division chair. Within these divisions are the faculty. The faculty

are able to work closely and intimately with students in the small college setting of ECC. At ECC, each individual will be aided in

educational decision making regarding their future. This allows every student an equal opportunity for success in their field or

fields of study.

Many students who have enrolled at ECC and have chosen a major have several classes offered for their intended

major. These students tend to follow a plan in regard to their education. They may adhere solely to the curriculum designed for a

certain division such as the Physical Sciences. The division chair for the Physical Sciences Division is Linda Howard. The

decision making process for the division is like any political debate; heated...