"The Community implied by the constitution and declaration of independence"

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Not so long ago, the ill beginnings of a disturbed community produced the two most important documents in the birth of our nation's history. By seizing any freedom they had left, this community proclaimed their sovereignty to Great Britain with the "Declaration of Independence." Following their formal emancipation, the founders of the "Constitution," augmented a structuralized protection for the community from within and beyond its boundaries. While these authors, of both documents, were looking out for the good of the 'general public', they left out detrimental issues and portions of the population. Because holes were left by the framers of this country, the community intended in the beginning may be somewhat different if put into a modern day context. I will discuss the authors themselves and the intent of their words, the missing portions of these historical documents, and how the imagined community would fit into today's society.

In the eyes of all the authors involved, the "Constitution" and the "Declaration of Independence" contained everything needed to establish and maintain an independent community through a set of structured rules, without giving any one person too much power. These authors came to the 'new world' in search of a new life, a fresh start from the things that may have troubled them in Europe. By word of the king, they were promised employment, land, wealth, and the chance to start a family. The belief of a fresh start is presented in the declaration with the quote, "all men are created equal...endowed...certain and inalienable rights...life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Written by Thomas Jefferson, the "Declaration of Independence" reveals Great Britain's crimes that made these opportunities seemingly impossible. Throughout this document there are many moving points that Jefferson uses to show the reader what a tyrant the king of...