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Community Service The smallest things in life are worth more than all the money in the world. I asked myself, â??With all the diseases, sicknesses, and poverty going on in our country, what can I do to help?â?� A special friend and teacher once told me, â?? getting involved in community affairs such as raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter, planting flowers and trees in the spring, cleaning up our community parks, or donating unwanted clothing to the salvation army, can help more people around the world, then I would think.

But, I wanted to do more. I wanted to make myself useful. So I started by donating my time and energy for eight hours every weekend, volunteering at Mercy Medical Center as a candy striper. I started out easy. I brought fresh water around to the patients, made beds, took out garbage, and I even did some filing for the medical office.

But still, I didnâ??t feel as if I was helping anyone. I wanted to move up. So, I started going to the hospitals more and more every weekend. I got hands on experience on how too feed patients who were unable to move their arms, how to walk a patient to the hospital park, how to help a patient into and out of a wheel chair, and how to keep patients entertained instead of bored. I even got the chance to help the doctors out but doing a few tasks around the hospital.

With all the experience I was gaining, I didnâ??t feel complete. Being complete to me meant, feeling as if I have made a difference in someoneâ??s life. I wanted to save a life. Being too young to help makes me feel as if I am blocked from the world. I...