Comparative Study of Innocence in Two Women and Mr. Pip

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English Comparative Study of Texts

Through the impacts of conflict an individual's innocence may be lost as they become corrupted by the external world, and shed their naïve attitude toward life and come to terms with reality. The context of war facilitates the necessity for sacrifice of one's innocence in order to provide a means for physical survival, despite becoming psychologically compromised. Times of distress or corruption by external forces often dictates a person's need to escape, whether physically removing themselves from a place or danger, or escaping from themselves and an internal conflict. Both of the comparative texts look at a loss of innocence during times of conflict; the novel 'Mr Pip' is set on a small island during the Bougainville War, whereas the film 'Two Women' explores the loss of innocence during the bombings of Rome and the war in Italy during the Second World War.

Innocence is state of being, dictated by a person's ignorance of the world and an unwillingness to learn, being content with the life they have, however a person may lose their innocence as they become corrupted by their attainment of different experiences around the world. Children have had less time to experience the world and depend on their parents or adults to shape their opinions of the world, making children ignorant and therefore becoming symbols of innocence. Illustrative of this is Mr Pip by Lloyd Jones, which explores the state of a child's innocence through the external corruption and impacts of war. Using a child character, Matilda, to provide the naïve narration within the novel, allows the concept of innocence, both how it deteriorates as a person becomes more corrupted and how it is maintained, to be explored more effectively, as innocence is most often associated with children, whom...