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The similarities and differences between Arena football fields and Pro football fields can be discovered quickly at first glance. Someone would actually have to sit down and watch these games in order to distinguish the differences in the rules however. Though the players have similar duties, Arena teams still differ from the Pro teams. The scoring and timing are the same way; though very similar, they are still very different. The similarities between Arena football and Pro football seem obvious, but at closer look there are a lot of differences.

The difference in the fields of these two sports is probably the first thing someone would notice. An Arena football field is fifty yards long with eight yard in-zones where a Pro football field is 100 yards long with ten yard in-zones. Arena football games are only played indoors where NFL games can be played either indoors or outside. The goal posts are much shorter with rebound nets on each side of them where the NFL doesn't use these nets in there game.

Another difference is that Arena fields are completely surrounded by a padded wall where the NFL field has sidelines for the team, coaches, and cheerleaders to stand.

The rules of Arena football incorporate a lot of the same rules as American football, but there are a few differences. For instance, in Arena football, only one foot has to be in-bounds after a reception where both feet must have touched the ground in-bounds after a reception in the NFL. Another difference in the rules is that in the NFL you can punt the ball if you wish, but there is no punting allowed in Arena football games. Arena football uses large nets next to the field goal posts which a pass may bounce off of and still...